Senior Hygiene Services


Self-care and proper personal hygiene are vital for our health and welfare. Unfortunately, sometimes our loved ones act not as independent as they used to be due to their declining health. Maintaining good health coupled with maintaining dignity are our utmost priorities.

Qualified caregivers working at our organization provide personal care assistance with the deepest compassion and respect towards our patients. We completely understand that at some stages of their lives, people are not able to perform hygiene tasks on a daily basis. The comfort, empathy, and assistance we provide is aimed at helping them maintain independence and sense of dignity.

You do not need to search for “personal care assistance near me” if you leave in Erie or Niagara county. Buffalo Homecare will be happy to help you solving personal hygiene challenges right at your home.

Senior Hygiene Services: Help and Respect

Older adults, especially those suffering from serious illnesses, might not cope well with maintaining their personal appearance. To avoid this concern, they may use the assistance from our caregivers who can provide the assistance needed to address hygiene concerns.

  • Performing morning and bedtime routines – from helping clients get out of bed to preparing meals and even personal care;
  • Assistance with dressing – although sometimes it’s challenging for the elderly to get dressed and undressed by themselves, our caregivers will help them look their best;
  • Helping with toileting – our caregivers will give all needed assistance with proper respect for the patients’ privacy;
  • Bathing services and showering assistance – keeping our body clean is essential for our wellbeing, but for the senior adults it might be quite difficult or unsafe to take a bath or a shower independently our caregivers will provide the necessary assistance;
  • Assisting with personal hygiene – ensuring that your loved ones can continue receiving proper hygiene care;
  • Incontinence care – our caregivers will help those suffering from incontinence and assist with getting dressed.

Our Benefits: In-Home Assistance and Attention for Those in Need

Our Homecare services provide caregivers who will assist with required personal care tasks to keep your family member in their own home. In addition, we support the provisions of health coverage by Medicaid for low-income patients. Your close ones will get every help and attention they need, including transportation and personal care assistance right at home.

Want to Make Money Providing Hygiene Assistance? Join Us

Buffalo Home Care is constantly looking to expand its professional team of home care and assistance experts, and we would be happy to welcome you to the family. To apply for a job, please make sure to check whether you are eligible to provide this kind of service and file the following data with us:

  • Resume/CV
  • Cover letter
  • NAHC certificate (optional but recommended)
  • LVN/CAN certificate (optional)

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