Alzheimer`s, Dementia and Cognitive Change Services


Degradation of cognitive ability and a set of age-related cognitive changes are typical as we age. People in such a condition become forgetful and absent-minded; they may forget to eat or take medications; they may fall or harm themselves. Obviously, such elderly need daily support of a family member or a professional caregiver; otherwise, they are by definition very vulnerable and incapable of independent living. Do you experience such changes or have an elderly parent requiring assistance? Buffalo Home Care has the best caretakers in Erie and Niagara.

Alzheimer’s Care Services

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, while this condition gets more and more widespread among the elderly today. However, under the condition of early diagnosis and management, Alzheimer’s disease may develop slowly without impairing the individual’s daily activities. At the medium and severe stages of Alzheimer’s disease progression, patients indisputably demand round-the-clock care, which may be provided by a family member or a professional caretaker. The currently available options include Alzheimer's care facilities and Alzheimer’s day care. The first option does not suit people wishing to stay at home and live independently, or family members preferring not to institutionalize their loved ones. So, day care services are a perfect fit for such needs – the patient is under constant supervision in his/her comfortable home settings.

What can such a care plan include? At Buffalo Home Care, we ensure that our clients with Alzheimer’s disease receive supervision and health monitoring, assistance, and support tailored to their needs and requirements based on the approved level of care by their insurance. Our safety measures include:

  • Ensuring the client’s stay in safe areas and safe use of the stairs and other hazardous parts of the house;
  • Monitoring safe administration of medications and their safe storage;
  • Removing objects that may cause unintentional injuries.

Besides safety, our expert assistants support patients in the full range of their daily needs, routines, and interests by:

  • Cooking meals and helping with eating;
  • Providing family education and support;
  • Providing mental stimulation and engaging the patient in a variety of activities;
  • Encouraging social interactions.

It’s vital to keep in mind that the Alzheimer’s disease is not a life sentence; when properly managed, it may not be debilitating for many years. Under the condition of adequate expert support, you or your loved one may stay functional and active for a long time.

Dementia Care Services

Dementia is a broad concept including a variety of diseases and conditions; however, in simple words, dementia is (most frequently) an age-related cognitive change characterized by loss of memory and capacity to adequate judgment and reasoning. Dementia may also cause changes in the person’s mood and behaviors, so as soon as you receive the dementia diagnosis, it is high time to consider dementia home care. Such an option is suitable for everyone who wishes to offset the stigma or frustration of dementia, to live safely and to maintain the proper quality of life as long as possible.

When choosing a care home for dementia patients, you may be frustrated because of the costly full-time service and the lack of positive reviews and reputation. It is hard to make a decision to remove your family member from their home and place him/her in a facility with unknown doctors, nurses and roommates. So, why expose your family members to such stress if you can hire a personal assistant for daily home care? With Buffalo Home Care assistance, relatives affected with dementia may continue living in the comfort of their own home while receiving all kinds of qualified support.

Some of you might wonder, “how to pay for the services of dementia care service?” Indeed, the service may seem costly for certain people, especially for low-income households. But we recommend contacting your Insurance Company to find out whether it covers home care for your elderly family member with dementia. Some providers cover the in-home dementia care costs at least partly, thus relieving your financial burden. At Buffalo Home Care, we offer different pricing plans and allow clients to pay on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis – the way you find it most suitable and affordable. So, if your need is “a reputable dementia care provider near me,” Buffalo Home Care is the best choice.

Parkinson’s Care services

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disease that progresses with age and affects both musculoskeletal and cognitive functioning. This happens because of nerve cell destruction in the basal ganglia; as a result of such brain cell degradation, dopamine release reduces, and the brain becomes increasingly unable to send signals to various body parts. Loss of motor activity is a sign of serious disease progression, while early symptoms include non-motor symptoms like depression, fatigue, color vision problems, sleep problems, slow thinking, etc.

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease definitely changes your life forever. Whether it is you or your family member, the scope and magnitude of lifestyle changes is enormous. The key thing to remember is that you can live a full, functional life with this condition, in addition to organizing your life properly and seeking expert assistance and support.

Buffalo Home Care provides Parkinson’s home care services of the highest standard. We provide supervision and assistance with activities of daily living for each patient so that the Parkinson’s disease does not hinder him/her from daily activities and socialization. When hiring our assistants for yourself or your family member, you may expect to enjoy:

  • Support with exercise and healthy nutrition;
  • Emotional and social support;
  • Personal care;
  • Housekeeping;
  • Nursing and healthcare assistance;
  • Companionship.

Parkinson`s home health care from experts of Buffalo Home Care is always timely and professional as they will do their best to help you perform your daily routines. Our qualified assistant is always there for you, ready to assist with your needs. Whether it is going to the doctor appointment or a table game with a cup of tea – our caregivers are a reliable shoulder to lean on in your times of need.

Seeking Employment in Alzheimer’s Care? Join Our Team

Buffalo Home Care is constantly looking to expand its professional team of home care and assistance experts, and we would be happy to welcome you to the family. To apply for a job, please make sure to check whether you are eligible to provide this kind of service and file the following data with us:

  • Resume/CV
  • Cover letter
  • NAHC certificate (optional but recommended)
  • LVN/CAN certificate (optional)

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