We are all human, and at some moments in our lives, we may fail to cope on our own. Be it a recovery from surgery or childbirth, full-time care for an elderly parent or support foryour disabled loved one’s daily activities - you may realize you need help. This is where Buffalo Home Care comes in, to rescue you from sleepless nights and nervous breakdowns. Our non-medical home care agency was established to provide comprehensive, respectful help to clients in a variety of life situations. The qualified and friendly experts of our agency are always attentive to all your needs and render seamless services to make your life much more manageable and enjoyable.

Deep respect for human lives, independence, and dignity is at the heart of our professional approach, so we work every day to help you and your family live a joyful life despite any emergencies or debilitating misfortunes. All employees at Buffalo Home Care are carefully interviewed and recruited to fit our team values and deliver only top-notch respite care, companionship services, and personal care to all clients.

A disability or chronic illness is not a life-sentence but only a limitation that we can help to embrace and incorporate into daily routines without extra hardship. Caregivers at Buffalo Home Care work with clients in a delicate, respectful manner, collaborate with families, and facilitate participative decision making to guarantee the satisfaction and empowerment of all stakeholders.

Buffalo Home Care is dedicated to the delivery of fully customized and sensitive care to clients in a variety of conditions, including disability, end-of-life care, respite care, and companionship services. Contact us today to get the best care for your loved ones.

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