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Buffalo HomeCare is open to the establishment of fruitful collaborative partnerships with skilled facilities and assisted living centers to ensure the provision of high quality, full coverage, and superior health care for our clients. We are ready to partner with clinicians and hospitals, as well as other stakeholders of the healthcare system, to deliver exceptional quality of care and increase the excellence and timeliness of transition care, end-of-life care, and any other kind of supportive care our clients might require.

Our home care agency is deeply committed to the delivery of professional and comprehensive home care and assistance to clients experiencing any type of challenges with motor or cognitive activity. Our dedication to best practice integration, reliance on the most recent evidence-based practices, a broad scope of expert care services, and our exceptional professionalism in our work with clients and their families have earned us the reputation of a competent and reliable home care provider in the Erie and Niagara areas.

The criteria by which we fall under the preferred supportive care partner include:

  • Effective reduction of hospital readmission rates;
  • Impressive quality of transitional care delivery;
  • Positive clinician outcomes of our patients;
  • Coverage of chronic disease management;
  • Delivery of expert supportive care for the elderly, and patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease;
  • Early initiation of care delivery within 24 hours upon the client’s referral;
  • Top standard of professional communication with all care stakeholders;
  • High community trust and a solid reputation;
  • 10+ years of flawless performance with all our partners.

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