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  • September 17, 2019
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Qualities of Ideal In-Home Care Service Providers

Various studies confirm that in-home care services are usually much better than receiving the same help in hospitals or other care establishments. A person who needs the help can stay in a familiar atmosphere and will not be pulled out of their usual life. It contributes significantly to their future recovery or the stabilization of health.

What is in-home care in particular? Every in-home care service agency has a wide range of services, including:

  • Companion service (visiting, supervision, etc.)
  • Hygiene assistance (bathing, dressing, eating, toileting and other personal care)
  • Home health aide (basic assistance or professional medical care)
  • Respite care (short-term help for permanent caregivers)
  • Homemaker services (cooking, shopping, housekeeping)

Whether you are already searching for a caregiver or just want to plan ahead, it is crucial to define the qualities of ideal in-home care providers to get the best for you or your relatives. We highly recommend you to read all the provided lists of qualities and tips for hiring a true professional so that you will make a right decision and have peace of mind.

Top Qualities of a Great Care Service Provider

As soon as you understand all your needs, it is time to look for professionals. Your research might take some time, but all in all, you’ll be confident in your choice. Here is a helpful list of the qualities of great home-care providers:

  • Clear information about the types of help and costs.
  • License and insurance are available.
  • Professional caregivers who’ve been properly checked and trained.
  • High-quality management which includes the creation of comfortable care plans, caregiver selection, communication with family members and the best way of dealing with emergencies.
  • Certifications and accreditations are available, a number of third-party checks.
  • Lots of positive feedback and customer reviews.

Important Questions to Ask a Home Care Provider

When you start looking for an in-home care company, it will be quite challenging. Some things will be easy to check, but you must know what to ask. People want the best possible treatment for their loved ones, so they must be confident in future care from an outside provider.

We have worked out a list of questions which will be handy when you’re interviewing in-home care companies:

  • How long have you been in operation?
  • Are you licensed by the state and are you insured?
  • How is the selection of a caregiver conducted?
  • Do you create a detailed care plan? How often are the changes applied?
  • How do you hire your caregivers? Do they have any certificates and certain educational backgrounds? How do you check this? Do you train them?
  • What types of services do you specialize in?
  • How do you deal with an emergency? Are you available 24 hours a day?
  • Can you provide reviews from your clients?

Why Buffalo Home Care is an Effective Home Care Choice

Buffalo Home Care provides a number of services which help to give the best assistance for those in need. Our clients say we are particularly great senior home care providers and we are also flexible and can offer you these types of help:

  •  Elderly and senior care (here we offer dementia, Alzheimer’s, personal, companion and travel care)
  • Care for those with disabilities (companion, travel, personal care)
  • Home health aide (basic assistance)
  • Recovery service (companion, travel and personal care)
  • Respite care for all types of care listed above


We work with skilled caregivers to provide our clients with the best help according to their needs. Our key benefits include:

  • Professional employees with thoroughly checked backgrounds. All of them have gone through our special training program.
  • Development of the care plan in detail. We provide you with the most suitable care plan which can be adjusted promptly as well.
  • A thorough matching process. We search for the most comfortable caregiver for you. And this doesn’t only include the professional skills of the caregiver but his or her personality as well. We want to create a trustful and pleasant long-term relationship, so you can be sure we’ll find the best person for you.
  • Emergency response 24/7. This service helps our clients to have peace of mind at all times.

The Final Word: Be Smart But Not Too Picky

Nowadays you can find all the necessary information about various in-home care service providers quickly. Keep in mind all the qualities and crucial questions we have listed, and you will find a great helping hand without wasting your time or worrying.

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Olivia S. has been a caregiver for her parents for 15 years. She has a master's degree in Public Health and has always been passionate about helping people with disabilities. Now Olivia works as a professional caregiver for in-home care services.


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